Bowman Brush is a family owned company, specializing in the manufacture of brushwood fence panels, brushwood screening and brushwood accessories. Founded in the year 2000 in Lameroo, South Australia by Clive, Cheryl and Brett Bowman the company came about through a wish to diversify their business interests. Having an existing brushwood fencing market in South Australia, where traditional hand packed fences are a heritage listed icon, the Bowman’s set about growing a commercial plantation of brushwood in the mid 1990’s. In an attempt to grow brushwood plants suitable for the South Australian hand packing market; where the brushwood used is sourced entirely from native stands, the family planted their own hand picked selection of brushwood in a 15 acre plot on their property 13kms west of Lameroo. The sole intention of the commercial plantation was to supply the brushwood to the Adelaide hand packing market.